6'07" (2.01 meters)


47.2 lbs (21.4 kg)

Main Abilities:

Levitate or Flash Fire

Hidden Ability:

Flame Body



Gender Ratio:

50% Male, 50% Female

Protodisk is a pure Fire-type Pokemon. It is a nebula of gasses whose own gravity has caused the beginnings of fusion and the development of a solar system. It has a decent movepool and decent stats. It evolves from Nebulær at Level 12.

Base StatsEdit

Stat Value
HP: 100
Attack: 25
Defense: 22
Sp. Atk: 55
Sp. Def: 53
Speed: 70
Total: 325


Learned by Leveling UpEdit

Move Level
Ember Start
Sunny Day Start
Fire Spin Level 8
Flame Wheel Level 14
Flamethrower Level 17
Inferno Level 22
Bulk Up Level 24
Heat Wave Level 37
Sacred Fire Level 42
Magma Storm Level 45
Overheat Level 53
Blast Burn Level 66
Blue Flare Level 66
V-Create Level 90

Learned by TM/HMEdit

Move TM/HM
Toxic TM06
Hidden Power TM10
Sunny Day TM11
Solarbeam TM22
Flamethrower TM35
Fire Blast TM38
Flame Charge TM43
Overheat TM50
Incinerate TM59
Will-o-Wisp TM61
Work Up TM83
Substitute TM90

Pokedex EntryEdit


Proto-Planetary Pokemon

HT: 6'07"

WT: 47.2 lbs

Being a disk of endless fire, Protodisk usually destroys whatever it is near unless the planet is made out of tough rock.

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