4'02" (1.27 meters)


0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)

Main Abilities:

Levitate or Volt Absorb

Hidden Ability:

Motor Drive



Gender Ratio:

100% Genderless

Muonico is the evolved form of Electronio. It is slightly more solid than Electronico, and therefore it has slightly better physical stats. It is more balanced stat-wise than its base evolution, but is still primarily speed-based. It evolves from Electronio at Level 30 and evolves into Tauonico through trading or by another method.

Base StatsEdit

Stat Value
HP: 36
Attack: 8
Defense: 16
Sp. Atk: 41
Sp. Def: 56
Speed: 213
Total: 370


Learned by Leveling UpEdit

Move Level
Thundershock Start
Leer Start
Bide Level 6
Charge Level 12
Thunderbolt Level 30
Selfdestruct Level 41
Electro Ball Level 47

Learned by TM/HMEdit

Move TM/HM
Hidden Power TM10
Light Screen TM16
Thunderbolt TM24
Thunder TM25
Charge Beam TM57
Explosion TM64
Psych Up TM77
Substitute TM90

Pokedex EntryEdit


Electric Gas Pokemon

HT: 4'02"

WT: 0.2 lbs

Muonico are beings of pure energy. They contain around 8.2 petajoules of energy, and can exert this energy when threatened.


  • Like its preevolution, its body is based off of Gastly, although its body's core is based off of Voltorb. The concept itself is taken from the Muon, an elementary particle.

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